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   Battle for Australia Association
    War Declared on Japan - 8 December 1941

Patron: Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC, Governor of New South Wales

On 8 December 1941 Australians gathered around radio sets. News had arrived of an attack by the Empire of Japan on Pearl Harbour, the Philippines and Malaya. There was an announcement that the Prime Minister would speak. It did not matter what station you were tuned in to; all radio news was regulated. At 19:00 eastern time, listeners did not hear the Elizabethan march that would usually herald the news. A patriotic song, later to be our national anthem and at that time used to preclude announcements of national importance played in its stead. The Battle for Australia was about to begin.

The controls below let you listen to a recording of the broadcast.

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